Story Continued

by bdhesse

Here is a bit more of the story:

The girls ate swiftly. They were excited and wanted to see what their mother had brought for them.
“Did you find anything cool at Copan?” Shay asked.
Her mother chuckled. “I always find cool things,” she said.
Shay rolled her eyes. “I mean really cool things,” she said. “Like mummies or treasure.”
“Oh no,” her mother said. “All the mummies and treasures were found a long time ago.”
“Well what did you find?” Sarah asked.
“Oh, I found a lot of things,” her mother said. “Most of it was broken pottery, but I did find some neat trinkets.”
Shay perked up. “Did you bring us something from the dig sight?” she asked excitedly.
Her mother laughed again. “Let me go get my bag,” she said, leaving the table. She came back with an overly full leather bag. “They told me that they already had a bunch of these, and they were really of no use, so I was able to take them home with me,” she said while she dug through the bag.”
She finally pulled out two little figures from somewhere near the bottom.
“What are they?” Sarah asked, picking one up. The figure was that of a person. Its face was faded so as to be barely recognizable and it was missing its arm, but otherwise it was in good condition.
“It’s a ritual figure,” her mother explained. “They used these little clay figures during ceremonies.
“What for?” Shay asked.
“Oh, many things,” her mother said. “Health, crop success, deity worship. I’m not sure what these two were for.”
Shay picked up the second figure. It appeared to be half human, half animal. It was too worn for her to be able to tell what kind of animal though. It looked like some sort of cat. “Cool,” she said after she had examined it.
Her mother chuckled.