Story Intro

by bdhesse

I began writing a short story today. This is the first 250 words. What do you guys think?

“Hurry!” Sarah shouted behind her.
Shay rolled her eyes. “Don’t go so fast,” she yelled back. She continued to pedal her bike at a more leisurely pace. She was in no hurry to get home from school.
“Come on, Shay!” Sarah yelled from the other side of the large hill. “I can see mom’s car. She’s home.”
Shay grinned and pedaled faster. She caught up to Sarah just as her sister reached the front yard. Both girls jumped off their bikes together and ran into the house.
“What are you doing?” a voice growled from behind the door.
Sarah screamed.
“Mom!” Shay cried. Then she smiled and tuned to hug her mom. “What did you bring us?” she asked.
“What did I bring you?” her mother asked. “Why should I have brought you anything?”
“Oh, please, mom,” Sarah begged. “What do you have for us?”
Their mother sighed. “I come back after a month away and all my girls want is presents,” she said mournfully. “They don’t even care to spend time with their dear, sweet mother.”
Sarah and Shay giggled. “We’re glad you’re home,” Sarah said.
“Yeah,” Shay agreed. “But what did you bring us?”
Their mother laughed. “Well first I thought I should bring home some supper,” she said. “I’ll give you your presents after we eat.” She led the girls into the kitchen.
“It better be really good food,” Sarah said. “You made us eat grandpa’s cooking all month.”
“Pizza!” Shay shouted, having been the first one to see what their mother had brought home.