Religion in Stories

by bdhesse

Religion is something that has always fascinated me. While I like my worlds to be atheistic and I like to have atheist characters, I also like to have religions. In fantasy, it is easy enough to create a religion. But I have found that my dystopian book requires me to create a sect within an existing religion rather than creating a whole new religion. I want my sect to reflect aspects of this religion, but I don’t want it to be a copy of an existing sect. I have done this by borrowing bits and pieces from different sects and even other religions. It has been an interesting experiment and I am interested to see how it goes. Part of me is worried: I don’t want to anger anybody because they think that I am writing about them, and I don’t want my book to be rejected by publishers because it is too controversial. But I’m also excited: I want to see how people receive my book, and I want to write something that is new and exciting. I hope my experiment turns out well.