Story Part 3

by bdhesse

“What do you think it is?” Shay asked Sarah. They were lying in their beds examining their figurines with flashlights. The rest of their room was dark and the sky outside was clear and full of stars. They were supposed to be asleep, but they were too excited to care.
“I don’t know,” Sarah said. “I think mine’s a scholar of some sort. I think they are holding a tablet. Maybe it’s a Shaman though. Or a farmer. I hope it’s a scholar.”
“Mine looks like a cat person,” Shay replied. “I wonder if it’s a god of some sort.” She flipped the figure around trying to find any indication of what the little figure was. “Oh no,” she hissed. The figure had tumbled out of her fingers and hit the metal frame on her bed. With a loud ting, it fell towards the ground.
When it hit the ground, Shay could tell that something was wrong. There were now two objects lying side by side on the ground.
Shay jumped out of bed and grabbed the figure. “Oh no,” she repeated. She looked at it closely with her flashlight. “What the…” she whispered.
“What?” Sarah asked.
Shay walked over to her and showed her the little figure. It’s head had popped off to reveal hollow center, but the head was still attached by a tiny hinge. There was a tiny scroll inside.
“Wow,” Sarah said. She looked at the head of her own figure. Sure enough there was a hinge on it’s head as well. She flipped it open and found a similar scroll.
“What do you think these are?” Shay asked.