Superhero Stories

by bdhesse

What makes a good superhero? What attracts us to the idea of superheroes? I have been considering these questions a lot lately. I get annoyed at superheroes like Captain America and Superman. They are too patriotic for my taste. It’s not so much about right or wrong for them, it’s about protecting the Americans. They also offer silly ideas about hyper-masculinity. Superman is almost perfect. And Captain America suggests that small men are weak and can’t do anything to protect anyone. Only a large man with a lot of muscles can fight the bad guys. I don’t like the heroes that have all the super powers. The ones with the strength that no human could manage, and the magic that allows them to stop people with force fields or telekinesis or what have you. I like the heroes who see a problem with the world and use their intellects to solve the problem. I like Batman who saw the corruption that plagued Gotham and used his money and intelligence to fight the corruption that was too much for even the police and politicians to handle. In fact, they partook in the problem. I like Robin who is just a child, and has no powers, but is able to use his training to bring down people twice his size. And he is even capable of leading his own group of superheroes. I like Nightwing, who was once Robin, because he uses his wit to make up for his lack of powers. He has Batman’s intelligence, but he also has a sense of humor. And I like Ironman. Tony Stark appears to be aloof and only interested in his own ego, but he cares more about the world than he lets on. When he finds out about the corruption in his business, he decides to fight back against it. He even stops making weapons and decides to focus on energy production instead. He, again, uses his money and intelligence to improve the world. I could go on, but this post would be huge if I did.

What are your favorite superheroes, and why?

What do you think is the biggest problem in the superhero/comic book industry?