Story Part 4

by bdhesse

Sarah unrolled her little scroll. “I don’t know,” she said. “I can’t…wow.”
“What?” Shay demanded.
“I don’t know,” Sarah repeated. “The glyphs…they changed.”
“What do you mean ‘they changed’?” Shay felt a chill rush up her spine.
“They were Mayan glyphs,” Sarah said. “But now it’s English. I can read it.” She began mouthing the words on the scroll silently to herself.
Shay quickly unravelled her own scroll. There were neatly drawn glyphs covering the surface. Shay looked at it in confusion. Suddenly the glyphs started to blur and move. Shay blinked. When she opened her eyes, she was suddenly able to read the words. “Wow,” she whispered. She quickly read the words on the page. “Look here to follow the path of GIII. Should he look into your soul and find you wanting, then your life will remain one of the earthly plane, but, should he find you worthy, may your life never be the same again.”
“Shay,” a voice said suddenly, “Sarah, wake up.”
Shay blinked groggily. She was looking up at her bedroom ceiling.
“Shay,” the voice said again.
“I’m up,” she mumbled.
“Hurry up,” her mother said. “You’re going to be late for school.”
Shay threw off her covers and rolled out of bed. Sarah was doing the same. Blearily, they got ready and stumbled down to the kitchen to eat.