Where Has All My Time Gone?

by bdhesse

Lately I have found that blogging is an absolute time sink. I love it, but it seems to take my day away. I’m trying to write a post or two a day and respond to a few other blog posts. But finding blogs that I want to respond to can take a while. I usually read dozens of blogs in the process. By then I usually have something to write about. Some of my posts take me five minutes, but a few have taken hours in themselves. This is usually the first thing that I do in the day. I prefer to write in the evening, so reading blogs first is usually best. But lately I’ve found that I’m exhausted by the time I get to writing my story. So far it hasn’t stopped me from getting my daily writing done, but it is beginning to feel like mot of my day consists of blogging and writing. 

I think I will keep my pattern going for now, but soon I may want to plan to take certain days off for the sake of my own sanity.