Story Part 5

by bdhesse

“I had the weirdest dream last night,” Sarah said as she walked beside Shay.
“Really?” Shay replied. “I doubt it was as weird as mine.”
Sarah rolled her eyes. “This isn’t a competition you know,” she said.
“No really,” Shay insisted. “In my dream I was running through a jungle so fast that I could barely see what was around me. Then I broke through the trees and found myself looking up at…I think it was a pyramid. And there was this rainbow tornado shooting up into the sky. It was really weird. And this man…like my little statue, he walked up to me and touched my forehead. Then I woke up.”
Sarah looked at Shay in stunned silence. “Really?” she asked finally.
Shay nodded. “It was weird,” she said again
“That’s like mine,” Sarah replied. Shay gaped at her. Sarah ignored the stare and continued. “I was sitting on the floor inside this huge room. It looked like some sort on ancient tomb. And I was meditating. Suddenly this huge tornado sprung up around me. But it wasn’t made of wind. It was made of, like, thoughts and memories. I think it was knowledge. And it was colourful. And I looked up. There was a figure coming down towards me. They were flying. And they got close and touched my head.” Sarah put her hand up to her forehead. “Then I saw mom standing over me.”
Shay didn’t say anything. What else was there to say?