Story Part 6

by bdhesse

“Today is the history quiz,” their teacher, Mrs. Patterson, said when class began. Everybody groaned. “I know,” Mrs. Patterson said. “But if you studied, you’ll do fine.” Another groan spread through the class. Mrs. Patterson frowned. “Very well then,” she said. “Since nobody studied, we might as well write the test now.” She immediately began to hand the tests out.
Sarah put her head down and giggled. She had studied. Shay had too. They would be fine, and she was perfectly happy to get the test over with as quickly as possible.
“What’s so funny, Sarah?” Mrs. Patterson said sternly but quietly when she got to Sarah’s desk.
“Nothing, ma’am,” Sarah said. “Sorry.”
Mrs. Patterson put her test down without another word.
“You may begin,” Mrs. Patterson said when she handed out the last test.
Sarah quickly flipped her test over and began to read. As she read, the words seemed to come alive. They seemed to dance on the page, and colours seemed to come from nowhere. Pictures appeared out of the colours. Sarah stared at the activity in shock. What was happening.
“Done already?”
Sarah looked up. She was still in a daze. Slowly, she began to realize that Mrs. Patterson was standing over her. Sarah looked back down at her test and realized that she had answered all of the questions without noticing.
“Uh…” she said. “Yeah.” She handed the paper to her waiting teacher.
Mrs. Patterson took the test and scanned it quickly. “Very well,” she said finally. “You may read quietly.”
Sarah pulled her library book out of her desk and began reading it. This time, the words stayed on the page like they were supposed to.