Story Part 7

by bdhesse

The recess bell finally rang. Shay jumped out of her seat and ran for the door. As usual, she was the first one in her class to reach the tarmac.
“Shay,” cried a voice behind her. “Wait up.”
She looked behind her. “Hurry up, Jared!” she shouted back to her friend. She quickened her pace and ran deep into the field.
“What took you so long?” she said when Jared finally reached her.
He doubled over panting. “How…did you run so fast?” he said when he had finally caught his breath.
“What do you mean?” Shay said with indignation. “I always run faster than you.”
“Yeah,” Jared agreed. “But I’ve never seen you run that fast before.”
Shay snorted. “You must be seeing things,” she said dismissively.
Jared shook his head. “I’m serious!” he said.
“What are you two arguing about?” a voice said, startling Jared.
“Jared thinks I magically got faster overnight,” Shay said mockingly.
Jared turned bright red. “You should see her, Aiden,” he said to the new boy. He refused to look back at Shay.
“She can show me while we play,” Aiden said. He held up a football for the other two to see.
“We’ll need more people,” Shay said.