How Does Feminism Influence My Writing?

by bdhesse

I am a feminist. I am also gender-queer. They both influence my writing quite a bit. For one, I like to have very active female characters. I write more heroines than I do male heroes. My female characters are usually tomboys or gender non-conforming too. They do not generally act “lady-like,” whatever that means. I do not buy into the notion that men and women are significantly different, especially not when they are children. My females will play football, they will go on adventures, they will solve their own problems, they will be intelligent, and they will get into trouble. Basically, they will do everything that I did as a child. 

I am writing this because feminism is often considered a bad word. And because I have seen a lot of posts with people mourning the loss of chivalry. Personally, I say good riddance. I do not need chivalry in my life or in my stories. I need to be treated like an equal, and I need my characters to be seen as being capable. My need to fight for equality leads me to write my feminism into my stories. I want to see more feminist characters. I want more females who act for themselves. And I want more characters who defy gender stereotypes. I want more females who perform traditionally masculine actions, more male characters who perform traditionally feminine actions, and more transgender characters who are portrayed in a positive light. And I want to help make bring that about.

That is how feminism influences my writing, and it is why feminism influences my writing.