Story Part 8

by bdhesse

Shay felt a flood of adrenaline rush through her. Her team was winning. That didn’t surprise her much: Aiden wasn’t a very good quarterback. But she had gotten three of their five touchdowns too. She was usually the top scorer. Even after all these years the boys still assumed that she was slower and weaker because she was a girl. They tried to be easier on her, which was a big mistake. It annoyed her greatly, but she was happy to take advantage of their stupidity and rub their faces in it afterwards. But she had never dominated so severely before. She grinned.
“You’re cheating!” Aiden growled. He had stormed over to her while she was daydreaming.
“What are you talking about?” she said confused.
“You know what I’m talking about,” he drawled.
“No, I don’t,” Shay said defensively.
“There’s no way that you could do so well without cheating!” he yelled.
“Aiden,” Jared said timidly, “calm down.”
“No,” Aiden said. “I won’t until she admits that she’s a cheater.”
“I’m not a cheater!” Shay shouted back.
“Yes you are!” Aiden said.
“Aiden,” Jared said. “I already told you: she ran faster before. She’s not cheating.”
“That doesn’t mean anything,” Aiden cried. “She could still be cheating.”
“But I’m not,” Shay said.
“Then prove it,” Aiden demanded.
“Why don’t you?” Shay replied. “You’re the one saying that I’m cheating.”
“No!” Aiden yelled. “You can’t play with us! You’re a cheater!”
“Fine!” Shay said. She picked up the forgotten ball off the ground and kicked it as hard as she could. It flew so fast that it seemed to disappear. Shay had no idea how far it went, but she knew that it would take a while for Aiden to find it.
“Go and get it,” Aiden demanded.
“No,” Shay said. She turned to walk away. She hadn’t gotten far when she felt a hard shove on her back. She hit the ground hard then she turned over and kicked blindly. She hit Aiden squarely in the knee. He cried out. He fell knee first onto Shay, knocking the wind from her stomach. As soon as he was on top of her he began to swing his fists wildly. He punched her everywhere without paying any attention to what he hit. All Shay could do was defend herself.
She had no idea how long he was on top of her. It was probably only a matter of seconds, but it felt a lot longer. Eventually Shay felt nothing hitting her. She lowered her arms slowly and looked up. The second grade teacher, her name had left Shay’s brain, was holding Aiden by his collar.
She looked at Shay and pointed towards the school. “Principal’s office,” she said sharply. “Now.”
Shay got up slowly and began walking back to the school.