Story Part 11

by bdhesse

“Maybe we’re superheroes,” Shay said.
Sarah snorted. “What?” she said.
“I’m serious!” Shay said. “How else do you explain it?”
The girls had gone out to an empty field near their house to test out their new-found powers. They had discovered that Sarah could bring up information about the past with prompting. It didn’t matter how far in the past it was or if Sarah had ever heard about it before. She could bring up information regardless. Shay was able to run twice as fast as she could before and she was much stronger.
“Superheroes don’t exist,” Sarah said.
“Neither do superpowers,” Shay said. “But we seem to have gotten some.”
Sarah rolled her eyes. “I’m sure there is a better explanation,” she said.
“I’d like to hear that explanation,” Shay said. She crossed her arms and waited expectantly.
Sarah scowled. “When I figure it out, I’ll let you know,” she snapped.
“In the meantime,” Shay said, “I’m going to figure out what I can do.” The took off running before Sarah could respond.
“Whatever,” Sarah said. “I’m going home to study.” She knew that Shay hadn’t heard her, but she didn’t care. She picked up her bike and went home.