Story Part 12

by bdhesse

“If your daughter is going to keep getting into trouble, Mrs. Welsh…” the principal began.
“Doctor,” Shay’s mother interrupted.
“Does it really matter?” the principal said in exasperation.
If I’m going to keep getting sent here, I should probably learn my principal’s name, Shay thought, bemused.
“Yes,” Shay’s mother said stiffly. “Being as I am not married, I can’t exactly be a missus. Can I?”
“Oh,” the principal said. “Well that’s hardly the point. If your daughter is going to keep misbehaving, she will have to find another school.”
Shay’s mother sighed. “What did she do this time?” she asked.
“She was picking fights with some of the other students,” the principal said.
“No I wasn’t!” Shay cried.
“Sit down young lady!” the principal cried back.
Shay collapsed back into her seat. “I didn’t start it,” she said.
“You were seen by the recess supervisor,” the principal said.
“How could she see me?” Shay demanded. “She was too busy helping the little kids.”
“Are you calling her a liar?” the principal asked icily.
Shay opened her mouth to answer.
“Are you even going to bother listening to Shay’s side of the story?” Shay’s mother asked in an equally cool tone.
“I have heard the whole story from…” the principal began.
“A fallible teacher who was somehow expected to know what hundreds of students were doing all at the same time?” Shay’s mother finished.
The principal blushed. “Fine. What happened, Shay?” The principal did not sound at all interested in her story.
Shay rolled her eyes, but began to tell her story. “That older boy was picking on kids smaller than him,” she said. “The teacher was over at the little kids’ playground helping two kids. She was too far away to see what was happening.”
The principal snorted in disbelief. Shay’s mother glared.
“I saw though,” Shay continued. “I walked over to him and told him to leave the kids alone. He said ‘or what?’ So I said I’d make him. He laughed at me so I kicked him. He swung at me and missed, so I laughed back. He got mad and jumped at me. All I did was bring my knee up. He ran into it himself. That was when I got caught.”
Shay’s mother sighed. “Shay, why didn’t you go get the teacher to begin with?” she asked.
“That would have taken too much time,” Shay said. “He was hurting them.”
“Oh please,” the principal said. “He’s a child: how badly could he have hurt them?”
“You seem to think that Shay did a lot of damage,” Shay’s mother said.
The principal blushed again. “I can’t have children fighting on the playground!”
“I understand that,” Shay’s mother said, “but Shay was only doing what she thought was right.”
The principal sighed. If those kids that you mentioned can confirm your story, I’ll only give you a detention. But I will not have you getting into any more fights. Understood?”
Shay smiled and nodded giddily.