Story Part 13

by bdhesse

Shay’s lucky, Sarah thought. Her sister had narrowly avoided being suspended for a second time.
“You can’t just go around doing what you want just because you got powers,” she said with a hint on annoyance in her voice.
“I’m not trying to do whatever I want,” Shay replied.
“Really?” Sarah said sarcastically. “You’re doing a fine job of showing it.”
Shay frowned. “Would you prefer that I just ignored my powers like you do?” she asked.
“Yes,” Sarah replied. “We can’t keep them. They aren’t fair.”
“Fair?” Shay said. “Is it fair when a bigger kid picks on a smaller one?”
“That’s not the point,” Sarah said.
“Yes it is!” Shay cried. “I don’t know how or why we got these powers, but we did. Yes, they give us an advantage over others. But we can use the advantage to make things more fair for others.”
“I don’t know if that’s right,” Sarah said.
“Of course it is,” Shay said. “Somebody has to right the wrongs. If not us, then who?”
Sarah rolled her eyes. “Teachers? Policemen? Lawyers? Politicians?” she replied.
“Teachers aren’t there for fairness. Their job is to teach us. They can’t see everything, and some of them don’t even care,” Shay said. “Policemen aren’t always the good guys. Sometimes they just want power. And I think most lawyers and politicians are just in it for the power. It has to be up to us to fight for equality. Not just because we have powers, but because we care.”
Sarah gaped at Shay. “Where did you get all that?” she asked.
Now it was Shay’s turn to roll her eyes. “You should read more comic books,” she said.