A Wonder Woman Movie

by bdhesse

A while ago there were rumors spreading about the possibility of a Wonder Woman movie. However, last I heard DC said that that wouldn’t happen because there was no demand for it. I find DC’s response to be quite disappointing. They aren’t interested in writing stories with female superheroes because they don’t think that it will make them any money. They don’t think that they will be able to sell action figures because “girls don’t buy action figures.”

I call BS. When I was a kid, I loved action figures. I only had a couple though. But I had female friends with shelves full of action figures. Some of my friends still buy them. Girls and women buy action figures the same as men and boys. We also buy comic books, graphic novels, movies, video games, and anything else that DC sells. DC doesn’t want to make products that they view as feminine because of sexism.

Personally, I think that Wonder Woman is a great heroine. I would love to see a Wonder Woman movie. I’d even be willing to give DC a bit of my money to do so (though lately I have been trying to avoid doing just that). At least it would be a sign of improvement.

Would anyone else want to see a Wonder Woman movie? Why or why not?

Are you a female who buys DC’s products? Why?