Story Part 18

by bdhesse

Shay stopped suddenly as Sarah appeared before her. “How did I do?” she asked.
“23.37 miles per hour!” Sarah exclaimed. “That’s amazing.”
“That’s it?” Shay replied. “That’s not that fast.”
“It’s faster than most people could run,” Sarah replied.
“But I’m no Flash,” Shay said. She sat down on the ground hard.
“You know we aren’t actually in a comic book, right?” Sarah said. “We have powers, but we can’t defy physics.”
“I guess,” Shay said. “But I was hoping to at least be able to run as fast as a horse. Or even a dog.”
“I think you can beat some dogs,” Sarah said reassuringly. “I did find out something interesting about our powers though.”
Shay looked up at her sister. “You’re not still trying to get rid of them, are you?” she asked.
Sarah shrugged. “Right now I just want to know what they are,” she replied. “Anyway, yours come from the jaguar god. I suppose you must’ve inherited the speed and strength of a jaguar. But there are many jaguar gods and I’m not sure which one your statue represents, so you may have other abilities but I don’t know what to look for.”
“How many jaguar gods are there?” Shay asked.
“Let’s see,” Sarah said as she pulled a folded up piece of paper from her backpack. “there’s the one of terrestrial fire and war, the one of black sorcery and riches, the one of midwifery and war, the one of the war month, Pax, the tonsured maize god, and the twin hero.”
“How will I know whose power I got?” Shay asked.
“I don’t know,” Sarah replied. “As far as I can tell, most of them have something to do with warfare. I suppose we’d know if you could do something related to fire or magic or something. But I don’t know how we’d check.”
“Hmm,” Shay hummed thoughtfully. “Where did your powers come from?”
“I don’t know,” Sarah said. “I’d say some sort of god of knowledge, history, or scholars, but none seem to exist. I’m going to have to do more research.”
“Maybe you can do something that you don’t know of yet,” Shay offered. “We should figure out exactly what we can do.”
Sarah nodded. “I agree,” she said. “At the very least we should make sure that we won’t accidentally hurt anybody.”