Why Is There No Conclusion?

by bdhesse

My partner and I were listening to some books on audible. They were the first two books of The Halfblood Chronicles by Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton. They are wonderful books, but I’m quite disappointed. So far, only the first two books have been made into audiobooks, so now I have to find the third book to read. But I can’t just buy book three: I’m the type of person that must own the entire series in hardcover. Since Mercedes Lackey is my favorite author, I don’t really mind this. Or I wouldn’t if I could find the books anywhere. I need to know what happens! So now I need the book and I need time to read it. 

But, to make matters worse, I have also learned that the fourth book, which was in the process of being written when Andre Norton died 9 years ago, hasn’t been released yet. So even if I finish the third book, I’ll probably never know what happens. It makes me want to scream. I really hope the fourth book does get released eventually, but what are the chances after 9 years?

This has reminded me of other annoying things about some of my favorite books. Keeping to Mercedes Lackey, I can’t help but feel slightly annoyed when I think about my favorite of her characters. He is a Herald named Skif. In the only book where Skif is the main character, he is a hopeful thief with a huge personality. He is shown as being witty and highly intelligent, which allows him to do things that most children couldn’t do, like survive on his own and avenge his murdered “family.” But the books where he is a secondary character show a far less impressive Skif. In the first three books set in Valdemar, The Arrows Trilogy, Skif is stiff very fun loving and witty (keep in mind these were written prior to his book), but he is never someone that could be considered a leader. And at no point in any of the later books does he show any leadership qualities.In fact, in the later books he is seen as depressed useless. But the Skif who was a main character was nothing if not a leader. I can’t help but think that Skif had a lot of potential that was wasted. I feel like he has no real conclusion, just like The Halfblood Chronicles has no conclusion.

What are some of the things that your favorite authors have done that have annoyed you?