Story Part 20

by bdhesse

Sarah had been thinking a lot about GIII. She couldn’t understand why her and Shay had gotten these powers.
“If you had asked me, before this happened, if gods existed, I would have said no,” she said as she walked with Shay. “But I also would have said that magic and superpowers didn’t exist. Now…well, we know we have powers, and I ‘m pretty sure we got them magically. And that scroll mentioned GIII judging our worth and giving the powers to us. So…he must exist…right?”
“I don’t know,” Shay said. “Maybe the Mayans thought that it was a god giving these powers to people, but…maybe they’re natural.”
“Natural magical powers?” Sarah asked skeptically.
Shay shrugged. “There has to be an explanation,” she said reasonably. “Maybe this isn’t so supernatural after all. Maybe it’s natural.”
Sarah shook her head. “I don’t think so,” she said. “I mean…I’m sure there’s an explanation, but the powers aren’t natural. I doubt the cause is either.”
“So what then?” Shay asked. “Are we going to go hunt gods now?”
Sarah giggled. “No,” she said. “But maybe we can find a way to see if they exist.”
“How would we do that?” Shay asked.
Sarah shrugged. “There has to be something in the lore that tells us how gods were summoned. A spell, or a sacrifice of some sort.”
“I am not sacrificing anything living!” Shay cried.
“Relax,” Sarah replied. “I’m sure we can find other ways. Let’s go to the library tomorrow.”
“The library?” Shay asked. “Why? We have a computer at home.”
Sarah rolled her eyes. “Because it’s safer. We’ll be harder to track that way.”
“Track?” Shay said. “Who’s gonna track us?”
“I don’t know,” Sarah replied. “But I don’t want to risk it. Hurry up. We’ll be late for our shift.”