Story Part 21

by bdhesse

“Mom!” Shay cried.
They hadn’t been at the soup kitchen for long, their shift only began half an hour ago, when the attack had started. Shay had been standing beside her mother filling bowls with a thick stu when they had heard a loud shriek.
Shay had looked up to see two monkey people swoop in through a window. As the glass shattered, people began to scream and run around. Shay hadn’t seen much after that. Not until one of the monkey people dropped down and grabbed her mother, that is.
“Mom!” she shouted again.
“Shay!” Sarah called from somewhere in the crowd.
“Sarah!” Shay called back. “Where are you?”
“I’m here,” Sarah replied. “Help me!”
“I’m coming,” Shay cried. She waded into the crowd in search of her sister. It didn’t take her long. Sarah had been near the counter, but she had been knocked to the floor as people began to panic.
“Give me your hand,” Shay said as she got near.
Sarah stuck her arm up blindly, afraid to leave her head unprotected. Shay grabbed the offered arm and pulled Sarah to her feet.
“Come on,” she said. She half-dragged Sarah back to the counter. “Mom!” she called when they got back to safety. There was no response.
“What happened to mom?” Sarah asked.
“One of those monkey-things got her,” Shay replied.
“Mom!” Sarah cried, panicked. “What’ll we do? Mom!”
A cackle broke out above them. They looked up to see one of the monkey people near the ceiling. It cackled again and dropped something before rushing back towards the broken window.
Sarah walked over to the thing and picked it up. It was a note. “If you want to see your mother again, follow the clues,” she read.
“Clues?” Shay repeated. “What clues?”
Sarah looked at her and shrugged. “I don’t know,” she said sadly.