Books I Want To Write

by bdhesse

I have a lot of books that I want to write. My current book is a fantasy novel about two sisters who have to escape their home after it is attacked. The story is about how they survive and grow up to be the people that they want to be. It also touches on a lot of controversial topics that I care about: rape, abortion, gender equality, gender non-conformity, and sexual orientation. Right now I’m on my third edit.

I’ve also got three outlines on the go for other books. One is a fantasy about a girl who is purchased as a slave by a nobleman. The nobleman happens to be an assassin and he decides to free the girl and make her his apprentice. The second is a dystopian novel about a girl who lives in a society that has banned much of our modern science and technology out of fear. The girl finds a banned history book that talks about the old science and technology, which makes the girl curious. Eventually she decides that life was better with the tech and leads a rebellion to try and get the tech back. And my final outline is a crime thriller about a painter who discovers a child covered in blood. They then have to figure out what happened to the child and stop a killer.

I also have plans for other books. I want to write a graphic novel about a society where there is no gender. I also want to write a story about elves and dwarves at war before humans. It will be about an elf and a dwarf who fall in love and give birth to the first human.

I’m also starting to think about possible sequels for all of the books.