Story Part 22

by bdhesse

Shay and Sarah sat quietly in the police station, waiting. They had been there for a long time and had answered a lot of questions. Nobody seemed to believe them about what had happened. Nobody seemed to believe anyone about what happened.
“Grandpa,” Shay cried. She jumped up and ran to embrace her grandfather. Sarah followed close behind her.
“Hello girls,” their grandfather said. “Go sit back down, please. I need to talk to the officers before I can take you home.”
Sarah and Shay nodded and walked back to their seats.
“What happened?” they heard their grandfather ask one of the police officers.
“We’re not sure,” the officer replied. “We think some sort of hallucinogenic gas was used to keep anyone from knowing what was happening.”
“What?” their grandfather cried. “My grandchildren were drugged?”
The officer nodded. “We think so,” they said. “But whatever was used didn’t show up on any tox screen.”
“Then how do you know they were drugged?” their grandfather asked.
The officer looked uncomfortable for a moment. “Well…” they began, “their stories…they don’t make any sense.”
“What do you mean?” their grandfather asked.
“They told us they were attacked by giant monkeys,” the officer replied.
“What?” their grandfather cried.
The officer nodded. “Your granddaughters said they were attacked by giant monkeys,” they replied. “Others just said monkeys, one man said they had wings, a woman said they were gorillas, and others simply said winged beasts.”
Shay rolled her eyes. “I know what I saw,” she whispered to Sarah.
Sarah nodded.
“And…what about my daughter?” their grandfather asked.
“We’re looking for her,” the officer said. “She may have wandered off in the confusion.”
“My granddaughters said she was taken,” their grandfather replied.
The officer nodded. “We’re looking into it,” they said. “Sir, your granddaughters aren’t the most reliable witnesses right now, but…is there anybody who’d want to harm your daughter?”
“Of course not,” their grandfather scoffed. “My daughter’s an academic, a university professor. Why would anybody want to harm her?”
The officer looked uncomfortable again. “She didn’t…do any drugs…did she?” they asked. “Or have any kind of record? What about the girls’ father?”
Their grandfather was clearly taken aback. “Drugs? Records?” he cried. “She was always a good girl. A straight A student, she went to an ivy league school for crying out loud!”
“ I understand,” the officer said. “But…if your daughter was taken, then she was the target. They must have been watching her. Are you sure she wasn’t in any kind of trouble? Nobody wanted to hurt her?”
Their grandfather shook his head. “The girls’ father died before they were born,” he said. “He was a good man. From a good family. He was an academic too.”
The officer looked disappointed. “Okay,” they said. “I’ll contact you when we have any information.”
Their grandfather nodded. Let’s go girls,” he called to them.
Shay and Sarah hopped out of their seats and followed their grandfather out of the police station.