The Horror

by bdhesse

I really like horror movies. Really, I prefer thrillers, but I enjoy horror too. As a result, I watch a ton of horror movies and make my partner watch them too. He’s not quite as big of a fan. My partner gets creeped out and has bad dreams. When we went to World War Z, he rushed me into the house when we got home because part of his brain was worried about zombies. I laughed through Freddy Vs Jason when my best friend and I watched it in theaters as young teenagers. When I was 6 my favorite movie was It. My unusual reaction to horror has gotten me curious about our fear responses.

Why are some people so much more sensitive to horror? Why can some people read horror books but they can’t stand the movies? Why do some people has the exact opposite response? Why are some people more afraid when there’s gore and others more afraid when there’s some supernatural element?

Personally, gore just annoys me. The Saw movies aren’t scary to me, they’re just lazy. A good story line is much more impressive than buckets of goo. Supernatural horror films like the Paranormal Activities movies are much more interesting. They come across as far more realistic. But I still don’t find them scary because I know that they aren’t real. That’s the biggest problem with anything supernatural: it’s too easy to reason away. I find movies about serial killers the most scary. The idea of some human hiding in my house and picking my loved ones off one by one is far more scary than ghosts and zombies. It could actually happen. It’s unlikely, but not impossible. That’s why movies like The Strangers scary me the most.

What do you find the most scary? Why?