Story Part 23

by bdhesse

They stood in the doorway shocked. The house had been destroyed. There were broken windows, the door had been broken off its hinges, the TV had been knocked off its stand, and it looked like someone had poured paint all over the coach and floors.
“Is this some sort of joke?” their grandfather whispered.
Sarah suddenly ran towards the staircase.
“Sarah,” her grandfather cried. “Come back here.”
Shay stared in shock.
“Shay,” her grandfather said, turning to her. “Stay here. I’m going to go get Sarah.”
Shay nodded numbly.
Her grandfather took off up the stairs after Sarah.
“Sarah,” he said when he found her sitting on her bed clinging to her small figure. “What are you doing?”
“They were after us,” she whispered.
“What?” her grandfather said.
“They weren’t after mom,” she repeated. “They were after us.”
“Why would anybody come after you?” her grandfather asked.
“I dunno,” Sarah cried. “They left this.” She shoved the note that the monkey person had dropped at her grandfather. He took it.
“Where’d you get this?” he asked after reading the note.
“One of those things gave it to us,” she said. “Before they took off.”
“Why didn’t you give it to the police?” her grandfather asked.
“I tried,” Sarah cried. “They didn’t believe me.”
Her grandfather frowned. “Come on,” he said. “I’m going to call the police.”
“No,” Sarah cried. “They said we had to follow the clues. They said we had to find her.”
“I’m not letting my granddaughters run around the city after madmen,” her grandfather yelled. “Come on.” He grabbed Sarah’s arm and dragged her out of the room and down the stairs.
“We have to find mom,” she cried.
“We will,” he grandfather said at the bottom of the stairs. He turned to look at Sarah. “We will,” he repeated as he pulled her into a tight hug.
Sarah began to weep into her grandfather’s shirt.
“Shay,” her grandfather called.
Shay looked up in surprise. She had still been staring in stunned silence at the mess around her.
“Bring me the phone,” her grandfather said.
Shay looked around. The phone was lying on the floor. She picked it up and brought it over to her grandfather.
He took it with a smile and called the police.