Story Part 24

by bdhesse

“This was not a prank!” the girls heard their grandfather shout. “My daughter went missing and we get home to find this. Does that sound like a coincidence to you?”
“I understand your concern, sir,” the police officer said. “But you said that nothing is missing. This is just a case of vandalism.”
“Listen to me, you…you…” their grandfather stuttered. “My granddaughters were threatened.”
“Sir,” the officer said. “That note was probably just another joke.”
“A joke?” their grandfather cried. “You call my daughter’s disappearance a joke?”
“Of course not,” the officer reassured him. “And we’re taking her disappearance very seriously. But it does seem as though someone is trying to play a prank on your family. It seems like something done by children.”
“What?” their grandfather said. “My granddaughters annoyed some kid on the playground and this is how that kid decided to pay them back?”
“Of course not, sir,” the officer replied. “This is beyond the abilities of a child. It’s likely something a teenager would do.”
Their grandfather snorted. “This is a kidnapping,” he snapped. “Somebody wants something from my family, and I suggest you find out what.”
“Don’t worry, sir,” the officer said. “We’ll find out who’s doing this.”
“I hope so,” their grandfather said. “Now, if you’ll allow me, I need to get my grandchildren some supper.”
“You do that, sir,” the officer replied. “We’ll contact you when we have something to report.”
“Girls,” their grandfather called. “We’re going.”
Sarah and Shay hurried over to him and they left the house together.