Future Plans

by bdhesse

For the next month or so I will try to keep posting my story daily, but I will be posting other things less frequently. I have a few projects on the go right now. I will be trying to do a few book reviews, which means I have to spend more time reading and less writing. First, I will be doing a review on the Graphic novel Batman and Son. I will try to have that up by Friday. Then I will be doing a review for Along Came a Wolf by Adam Dreece. I said I’d review it a while ago, but haven’t managed to finish it yet. I’ll hopefully have that one up in two weeks. Then I’ll read and review The Mill River Recluse by Darcie Chan. I’ll try to have that done in three weeks. And finally, I’ll read and review Death of the Body by Rick Chiantaretto. I’ll try to get that done in a month.That’s my goal for July.