Story Part 25

by bdhesse

“Hurry up,” Shay whispered.
“Shh,” Sarah hushed back. “We’re almost there.”
“Move faster,” Shay replied.
“No,” Sarah said. “Do you want to get caught?”
“We won’t get caught,” Shay said. “We’re not even close yet.”
“Then why are you whispering?” Sarah asked.
“Shut up,” Shay replied.
They continued down the dark street in silence. They had walked all the way from their grandfather’s house to their own. Finally, they found themselves across the street. There was police tape over the door and windows, but the police had all left for the night.
“Come on,” Sarah said. She crossed the street quickly and went up to the front door.
“We can’t just go in through the front door,” Shay said.
“Why not?” Sarah asked.
“Because,” Shay said, “somebody will see us.”
“It’s the middle of the night,” Sarah replied. “Everybody’s asleep. Who’s going to see us?”
“I dunno,” Shay said. “Somebody could be awake. What if they look out the window and see us?”
Sarah rolled her eyes. “It’s dark out,” she said. “They could look right at us and not see us.”
“We should go through the back,” Shay said.
“Why?” Sarah said.
“Because we’ll be less likely to be seen,” Shay replied.
“We won’t be seen,” Sarah cried.
“Shh,” Shay hushed. “Do you want to take that chance?”
Sarah snorted and stomped to the side of the house. They climbed over the fence to their back yard and snuck in through the back door.
“Are you happy now?” Sarah said.
Shay ignored her. “What are we looking for?” she asked instead.
“I dunno,” Sarah said. “Clues.”
Shay rolled her eyes and began looking for anything that might be called a clue.