Story Part 26

by bdhesse

“What does a clue look like?” Shay asked. They had been looking for a while, but still hadn’t found anything.
“You might want to try over here,” a voice said.
Shay jumped and whirled around. She saw Sarah do the same.
“Who are you?” she demanded. There was a tall girl with a mask and a strange costume standing by the fallen TV. She was holding something.
“And what are you wearing?” Sarah added.
“Really?” the girl said to Sarah. “That’s your question?”
“I…” Sarah mumbled.
“Anyway,” the girl continued. “I’m Kamikaze.”
“You’re a suicide bomber from World War 2?” Sarah said.
The girl glared at her. “It means ‘spirit wind,’” she said.
“‘Spirit wind’?” Shay asked. “What’s your power?”
Sarah looked at Shay in surprise.
The girl giggled. “Your sister doesn’t read many comic books,” she said. “Does she?”
Shay smiled. “No,” she said.
Kamikaze flipped her hair. “I control the weather,” she said.
“Really?” Shay said excited. “Like Storm?”
Kamikaze smiled and nodded. “But that’s not important,” the girl said. “I’m here to help you.”
“Why do you want to help us?” Sarah asked.
“Really?” Kamikaze said. “I’m a superhero. It’s kinda my job.”
“Superheroes aren’t real,” Sarah replied.
Kamikaze rolled her eyes. “Do you want to find your mother or not?”
Sarah opened her mouth, then closed it. She had no idea what to say.
“Yes,” Shay cried.
Kamikaze smiled at Shay. “Good,” she said. “Let’s get looking.”