Story Part 28

by bdhesse

Shay yawned and rubbed her eyes. “You want us to go now?” she asked.
Kamikaze nodded. “You want your mother back don’t you?” she said.
“Yes,” Sarah replied. “But…do you have any idea what time we got home last night?”
Kamikaze rolled her eyes. “Do you think Robin even gets a good night’s sleep?” she asked. “He’s up all night fighting crime with Batman and then has to go to sleep. Plus there’s the Teen Titans and Young Justice League for him to worry about.”
“If Robin actually existed, do you really think Commissioner Gordon would let Batman take a child crime fighting?” Shay muttered.
“We’re superheroes,” Kamikaze replied. “We don’t have to follow the rules that apply to normal people.”
Sarah rolled her eyes. “And that’s supposed to be a good thing?” she said.
“We’re chasing monkey-people that kidnapped your mother,” Kamikaze growled. “The cops don’t believe you. They aren’t likely to look for her in some jungle down south. How else is your mother going to be rescued? Sometimes superheroes are the only ones who can do what needs to get done.”
Shay sighed. “How are we going to get there though?” she asked. “We can’t exactly hop on a plane.”
“Oh don’t worry about that,” Kamikaze replied. “I’ll get us there.”
“And then what?” Sarah asked.
“Then we kick some butt,” Kamikaze said.
“How?” Sarah asked.
“I’ll tell you on the way,” Kamikaze said. “We need to go though.”
Sarah and Shay looked at each other. Shay shrugged.
“Lead the way,” she said.
Kamikaze smiled gleefully. “Let’s go,” she cried. She began running down the street happily.
Sarah and Shay hurried to catch up.