Story Part 29

by bdhesse

“Wow,” Shay cried as she looked down.
They were flying above some runes. Their tiny plane was in the process of landing.
“Hasn’t your mom ever taken you to any runes before?” Kamikaze asked.
“She’s taken us on digs before,” Sarah said. “But never someplace like this.”
“Why not?” Kamikaze asked.
Shay looked at her. “They don’t usually like children running around,” she said matter-of-factly.
Sarah nodded.
The plane landed before Kamikaze could say anything else. The three girls climbed out of the plane and looked around.
“Where should we go now?” Sarah asked.
“We need to find some place that looks flat,” Kamikaze said. “It should look like a field, but kind of underground. There should be walls around it. Like the Colosseum, but more…Mayan.”
Shay looked over at Sarah. “What does that mean?” she asked.
Sarah shrugged.
“Come on,” Kamikaze said. She took off towards the runes.
Shay and Sarah had to run to keep up.
Kamikaze stopped at the edge of the runes. “Okay,” she said when Sarah and Shay were beside her. “Let’s split up to look for the field. But don’t go into the field. We need to be together if we’re going to have any hope of rescuing your mom.”
Shay nodded. “I’ll go that way,” she said. She pointed to the west side of the runes.
Sarah looked around for a moment. “I’ll go that way,” she said, pointing east.
“I’ll go down the middle then,” Kamikaze said. “Walk through the runes. If you see anything, remember where it is and what it looks like. When we get to the other side, we’ll meet in the middle again. Then we can figure out what to look at first.”
Sarah and Shay nodded. They split up and began walking down their separate paths.