Batman and Son

by bdhesse

I have recently read the graphic novel Batman and Son. It was a very interesting story. It tells the story of when Talia introduces Batman to his son, Damien. It is a dark story. Batman has to fight three copycats. He also has to fight the Man-Bat ninja’s sent by Talia.
The story begins with Bruce Wayne trying to remember how to be a normal person. He has stopped all of the worst criminals in Gotham. Tim has gone off to train in the mountains, so it’s just Bruce and Alfred. While at a party, Talia sends in the Man-Bats to get to Bruce. This is when she reveals Damien, and leaves him with Bruce.
Damien causes a lot of problems for Bruce. He’s entitled and violent. He attacks Tim and Alfred in his attempt to secure himself as Batman’s partner and heir. He come’s between Batman and Robin. Batman believes that Damien was Talia’s attempt to cause chaos and prevent Batman from doing his job as a hero, but in reality Damien is Talia’s attempt to get Batman on her side.
Talia ends up making Batman believe that she killed herself and Damien. This causes Bruce a lot of pain. But Batman still has to deal with the impostures.
It is a great story. I enjoy the plot twists. It is dark, but it’s still hopeful. I’m not a big fan of the artwork though.