Story Part 30

by bdhesse

“Where’s Shay?” Kamikaze asked.
Sarah shrugged.
Sarah and Kamikaze had made it to the other side of the runes, but Shay was nowhere to be seen.
“Did you find anything?” Kamikaze asked.
Sarah shook her head.
“Me neither,” Kamikaze said. “That must mean that Shay found it.”
“Then she’s probably on her way,” Sarah replied.
Kamikaze shook her head. “I don’t think so,” she said. “Let’s go.” Kamikaze began down the path that Shay had taken.
Sarah ran to catch up. “What do you think happened to Shay?” she asked.
“I think they found her,” Kamikaze replied.
“Do you think she’s in trouble?” Sarah asked.
Kamikaze shook her head. “Not yet,” she replied.
“So what are we going to do?” Sarah asked.
“We’re going to catch their attention,” Kamikaze replied.
“We’re going to get caught?” Sarah squeaked.
“No,” Kamikaze replied. “We’ll draw them away.”
“How?” Sarah asked.
“Just follow my lead,” Kamikaze replied.
They walked down the path slowly. They stayed in the shadows and kept a careful eye on the path.
“Over there,” Sarah said. She pointed to the left. There was a dip in the ground and a lage stone wall blocking the girls’ view .
“It’s about time,” someone said behind Sarah.
Sarah turned. A blur grabbed her and pulled her through the air.
“Sarah!” Kamikaze cried.
Sarah felt a hard impact on her right, then she slammed into the ground.
“Ow,” she said.
“Come on,” Kamikaze said in Sarah’s ear. She grabbed Sarah by the arm and pulled her up. They began running away from the wall. “We’ll lose him in the jungle,” she said.
Sarah heard a cackling above her and looked up. One of the monkey-men was swinging above them.
“You intend to lose a monkey in a jungle?” it said. Then it cackled again.
Kamikaze pulled Sarah down. Then tumbled down a shallow hill together and landed at the edge of a marsh.
“Stay down,” Kamikaze said.
“What are you doing?” Sarah cried.
“Just watch,” Kamikaze replied. She put her hands in the air and seemed to push.
Sarah heard an odd rushing sound from the water. She looked over and saw a water spout forming. It grew larger and then rushed towards the monkey-man. It ripped up grass and bushes as it moved. It slammed into the monkey-man and threw him.
“Come on,” Kamikaze said. She grabbed Sarah again and they continued running.
Finally they stopped to hide.
“Now what?” Sarah asked.
“Now we wait,” Kamikaze replied.