Story Part 31

by bdhesse

“Where are they,” a voice growled.
Sarah and Kamikaze had been listening to the movement around them. A search party seemed to be looking for them.
“They’re hear somewhere,” another voice said. “They were planning to hide out here.”
“We need that girl,” the first voice said.
“We’ll get her,” the second replied. “They can’t have gone far.”
“Come on,” the first said. The two voices moved on.
“Now what?” Sarah whispered when she was sure it was safe.
“We need to draw them further away,” Kamikaze said. “We can’t get caught.”
They snuck out of their hiding place and moved to the side of the search party. They climbed up onto a hill and looked down at those below.
There was about five men, including one of the monkey-people.
“Hey!” Kamikaze called to them. “Hey! Up here.”
The monkey-man hissed at the girls. “Get them!” he yelled at the men around him.
All the men began scrambling up the hill. The monkey-man climbed into the trees and followed the men.
“Come on,” Kamikaze cried.
The girls ran down the other side of the hill. They went into the trees to lose the men. They could hear the monkey-man cackling from the trees above.
“Here,” Sarah said to Kamikaze. She pulled Kamikaze into a huge rotten log. It had been hollowed out like a den.
The girls stayed still and barely made a sound.
The search continued around them.
“Where did they go?” the monkey-man hissed.
“They were just here,” another voice said.
“Find them!” the monkey-man cried.
The men continued to search for them.