Welcome to Nightvale Live

by bdhesse

Tonight my partner and I went to see Welcome to Nightvale. It was an awesome show. For those of you who haven’t heard of Welcome to Nightvale, it is a podcast that tells the story of a Lovecraftian city. If you enjoy anything dystopian, then you’ll probably enjoy Welcome to Nightvale. It is also very LGBT friendly and has a large LGBT audience.
My partner and I got into the podcast about a year ago and were thrilled to hear that they were doing an international tour. The live show was exactly what we were hoping it would be. There was great music, audience participation, and lots of original content to keep us entertained. We also got to meet the cast at the end and get audigraphs. They are very friendly people and are easy to talk to.
If you are a fan of the podcast, I’d suggest watching out for live shows near you. But they sell out quickly, so you’ll have to buy tickets immediatly if they do come.