Story Part 32

by bdhesse

“I think we’ve gotten them far enough now,” Kamikaze said.
“Good,” Sarah panted. They had been leading the men farther and farther away through thick jungle. Sarah was out of breath and hot from all the running.
“We need to get back to the field before they realize that they’ve lost us,” Kamikaze said. “Do you think you can make it back quickly?”
Sarah nodded.
“Okay,” Kamikaze said. “Follow me.”
They snuck out of their hiding place and crept in the opposite direction of their pursuers. When they got far enough, they ran.
“Stop,” Kamikaze said when they got near the field. “We need to get in there without being seen.”
“How do we do that?” Sarah asked.
“We need to get up beside the wall,” Kamikaze replied. “Walk around until we find an entrance, then we’ll sneak inside. We’ll need to watch for scouts as we move.”
Sarah nodded. Together, they walked out of the jungle and up to the wall. They walked along the edge slowly, trying to keep hidden.
“Here,” Sarah whispered as she spotted an opening.
Kamikaze nodded. They peered into the entrance before they walked inside. When they were satisfied that it was clear, they went inside.
“I don’t understand the point of any of this,” a voice from up ahead said.
Sarah and Kamikaze quickly hid in the shadows.
“What’s to understand?” another voice said. “The girls are useful, so the boss wants them.”
Kamikaze put her finger to her lips and slowly moved forward. There were two men playing cards in a brightly lit room up ahead. Kamikaze pointed at the cards on the table. They flew everywhere.
The two men cursed and got on the floor to pick up the mess. Sarah and Kamikaze moved passed the door while the men were occupied.
They continued down the dark hallway for a few more minutes. Eventually they saw a light up ahead. The tunnel led out into a large stone stadium.
Shay and her mother were down below. They were bound and gagged and kneeling on the ground. Two more men stood over them.
“How do we free them?” Sarah asked.
“You don’t,” a voice above her said.
Sarah looked up. The second monkey-man was above her.
“Nice of you to finally join us,” he said to Sarah.
“I don’t think so,” Kamikaze said as he approached Sarah. She put her arms up and seemed to push at him. The monkey-man flew backwards into the stone. “Move,” Kamikaze shouted at Sarah.
They ran down the stairs to the center of the stadium.
The monkey-man laughed. “That was a mistake,” he said.
The two men advanced towards them. Kamikaze pushed at them to. They fell. Kamikaze seemed to be pushing down at them, and they could not get up.
“Go untie Shay and your mom,” Kamikaze cried.
Sarah ran to untie Shay. Shay sped off as soon as she was free. Then Sarah untied her mother.
“We need to get out of here,” her mother said as soon as she was free.
“We need to stop those monkey-men first,” Sarah said.
“No,” her mother cried. “We need to leave. Let the police handle those…things.”
“Mom,” Sarah cried. “The police don’t believe us. If we did what they said, you’d never be free.”
Her mother shook.
“Come on,” Sarah said. She dragged her mother over to Kamikaze.
“Stay with me,” Kamikaze shouted at Sarah’s mother.
Her mother nodded numbly.
“Sarah!” Shay called. Sarah looked over. Shay had two large sticks and was standing over the monkey-man.
Sarah ran to join Shay.
“Take this,” Shay said as she handed over one of the sticks.
Sarah took it. “Now what?” she asked.
“Follow my lead,” Shay replied. Then she took off. It looked like she was getting ready to play a game.
Sarah took her position opposite Shay.
As she did so, the monkey-man that had been in the forest appeared and jumped down at Shay.
Shay swung her stick and swatted the monkey-man out of the air. He hit the ground hard. Then he jumped up and went for Shay again. She hit him a second time.
The second monkey-man got up and went for Sarah. Sarah followed Shay’s example.
“Sarah!” Shay cried.
Sarah looked up. Shay had thrown a ball of something blue at her. As it flew closer, Sarah picked up her stick and swung. She hit the ball and sent it flying into the first monkey-man’s back. He cried and went down.
Sarah stared.
“Again!” Shay cried. She threw another one of the blue balls.
Sarah swung the next one into the second monkey-man’s gut. He went down too. Neither one got up.
Sarah walked over to the second monkey-man. He was conscious, and struggling, but he seemed to be bound by something.
“What is that?” she asked Shay.
Shay shrugged. “I discovered it while I was captured,” she said. “I didn’t know if it would work, but I’m glad it did.”
“Can you use some of that stuff over here?” Kamikaze called.
Shay ran over and through more of the blue balls at the men on the ground.
Kamikaze put her hands down and sighed.
“We’re not done yet,” Shay said as the men from the jungle and the two card players came down the stairs to the field.
“Can you to handle it?” Kamikaze asked.
Sarah and Shay nodded, confused.
“Good,” Kamikaze replied. “I need to call somebody. I’ll be right back.” She grabbed the girls’ mother and ran away from the men.