Story Part 32- End

by bdhesse

A large military-style helicopter was coming out of the sky. Shay looked up in amazement. She had never seen a military helicopter up close before.
“Wow,” she said under her breath.
Kamikaze followed her gaze. “Oh good,” she said. “They’re here.”
“Who’s here?” Sarah asked.
“You’ll see,” Kamikaze replied.
“I hope they have the authority to arrest these…things,” Sarah’s mother said.
Kamikaze giggled. “Don’t worry,” she said. “They do.”
The helicopter landed and three adults climbed out. Two of them, a man and woman, wore costumes like Kamikaze. The third, another woman, wore a business suit. They came over to Kamikaze.
“What happened?” the business woman asked.
“Those two monkey-men over there,” Kamikaze said as she pointed at their struggling captives, “kidnapped her.” Kamikaze pointed at Sarah’s mother.
“I see,” said the business woman. “And what’s with the children?”
“That’s Shay and Sarah,” she said, pointing at each of them respectively. “Those guys kidnapped their mother so that they could use the girls’ powers.”
“They have powers?” asked the female superhero.
Kamikaze nodded. “They were trying to train themselves to use their powers, but they haven’t discovered their full potential yet,” Kamikaze said.
“Well of course not,” the man responded. “Nobody can discover their full potential alone. They need proper training.” The man walked over to Sarah and Shay. “When did you discover these powers?” he asked them.
“About a month ago,” Shay replied. “Mom gave us some little figures from a trip she went on. They gave us the powers.”
The man nodded thoughtfully. “Do you still have these figures?” he asked.
Sarah nodded. “They’re at our grandfather’s,” she said.
“I’ll need to see them,” the man said. “We’ll need to analyze them.”
“You can’t keep them,” Shay cried. “They’re ours.”
The man chuckled. “Don’t worry,” he said. “We’ll give them back when we’re done with them.”
“What about my children?” Shay’s mother asked. “Can you cure them?”
The man looked at her quizzically. “Ma’am,” he began, “your children aren’t sick. But we will need to train them.”
“How?” she asked.
The man looked uncomfortable for a moment. “We have a school,” he said. “They’ll get a great education, and they’ll learn to control their powers.”
“You want to take my children away?” she cried.
“Ma’am, they need to learn to control their powers,” he said. “They could cause a lot of problems if they aren’t properly trained. But they would come home on weekends and holidays.”
She nodded solemnly. “What about their extracurricular activities?” she asked. “What will the school offer?”
“Here,” the man said. He pulled out a pamphlet and handed it to Shay’s mother. “This has all the information in it. Take your children home. We’ll be by to pick them up on Monday.” The man walked back to the helicopter. The two women had already loaded up the bad guys.
“Kamikaze,” the business woman called. “Take them home.”
Kamikaze nodded.
They watched the helicopter leave together.