A Story On Arrogance: Part 2

by bdhesse

Donna stood in the bright sun on the tarmac. She looked around and wondered what to do.
“Don’t worry about Jake,” a voice said behind her.
Donna whirled around and found herself towering over the tiny girl. If Donna had been average in height, she’d still tower over the girl, but Donna was tall and the girl was very small. “Oh, uh,” Donna stuttered.
The girl giggled. “I’m Molly,” she said. She stuck out her hand for Donna to shake. “Anyway,” Molly continued, “Jake thinks he’s tough, but he’s really not. He just thinks too highly of himself.”
“He won’t hurt me, will he?” Donna asked.
Molly looked incredulously at Donna. “Hurt you?” she said. “How could he hurt you? You’re bigger than he is! And I can tell you have muscle.”
Donna blushed. “I don’t like to fight,” she said. “I like to swim.”
Molly giggled. “I like you,” she said. “Wanna go play on the monkey bars?”
Donna shook her head. “I’d rather swing.”
Molly nodded. “Okay,” she said.
The girls walked to the swing set together.
“Where are you from?” Molly asked.
“My parents had a farm outside of the city,” Donna replied. “But my dad hurt his back and my mom was offered a job in the city, so they decided to sell it.”
“You lived on a farm?” Molly cried.
Donna nodded.
“Cool,” Molly cried. “Did you have cows? Or pigs?”
Donna laughed. “Yeah,” she said. “And I had a horse. We had chickens too.”
“You were allowed on a horse?” Jake said cruelly as he walked up to Donna and Molly. “Did you break its back?”
“No,” Donna said timidly.
“Back off, Jake,” Molly hissed.
“Why should I?” Jake asked.
“Because you’re being a pest,” Molly replied.
“Why are you sticking up for this fat ass?” Jake asked.
“Why do you care?” Molly replied. “She’s my friend, so leave her alone.”
“No,” Jake said. “She thinks she’s smart. Look at her: she’s nothing but a tub of lard. How can she be smart?”
“What do her looks have to do with how smart she is?” Molly asked.
“Everything,” Jake replied.
“You’re just jealous,” Molly replied.
“Why would I be jealous of that?” Jake cried.
“Because you think you’re so smart, but she’s smarter than you,” Molly replied.
“She’s not smarter than me,” Jake said indignant.
“Yes she is,” Molly cried.
“Prove it,” Jake said.
“Fine,” Molly said. “If she beats you on the math quiz, then you have to admit that she’s smarter than you.”
“Why would I do that?” Jake replied. “Besides, she’s a girl. She won’t beat me.” Jake stormed away.
“You shouldn’t have done that,” Donna said.
“Why not?” Molly asked.
“Because now he’ll never leave me alone,” Donna said softly.
Molly frowned. “He’s an arrogant coward and a bully,” she replied. “If you let him walk all over you, he will. But if you stand up to him he’ll run away with his tail between his legs.”
“Are you sure?” Donna asked.
Molly nodded just as the bell rang. “Come on,” she said. “It’s time to get back to class.”