A Story On Arrogance: Part 3

by bdhesse

“How was your day, dear?” Donna heard as she walked through the front door.
She flinched. She tried to be as quiet as she could coming through the door, but she was still loud enough for her father to hear.
“Okay I guess,” Donna called back.
“Only okay?” her father asked.
“I suppose,” Donna replied.
Her father appeared at the bottom of the stairs. “What happened?”
“There’s this mean boy at school,” Donna replied.
Her father frowned. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?” he asked.
Donna shook her head. “He called me fat and stupid,” Donna said.
“Why would he say that?” her father asked.
Donna shrugged. “I dunno,” she replied. “Another girl said he was arrogant.”
Her father nodded knowingly. “Ah yes,” he said. “He’s jealous then. Just ignore him, he’ll get bored and go away.” Her father disappeared back into the basement.
Donna snorted and walked up to the second floor and her bedroom.
“Parents,” Donna hissed. “What do they know?”
Donna began doing her homework.