A Story On Arrogance: Part 4

by bdhesse

“Come on, Donna,” Molly cried. “It’s not that hard.”
“I don’t like things flying at my face,” Donna complained as she picked the football up off the ground.
“I don’t like things flying at my face,” said a mocking voice.
“Seriously, Jake?” Molly cried. “Why are you always following us around?”
“I’m not following you,” Jake replied.
“Then why are you always where we are?” Molly retorted.
“I can’t help it,” Jake replied. “This fat ass takes up so much room that I can’t get away from her.”
“Leave her alone, Jake,” Molly replied.
“No,” Jake said. “I wanna know how she cheated.”
“I didn’t cheat!” Donna cried.
“Yeah right,” Jake said. “There’s no way you did better than me.”
“Prove it,” Molly said.
“Why should I?” Jake asked.
“You said I cheated!” Donna cried. “You can’t say I cheated if you can’t prove it.”
“Watch me,” Jake replied.
“No!” Donna said. “If you keep calling me a cheater, I’m going to tell Ms. Ivy to show the whole class how I did better than you without cheating.”
“You wouldn’t,” Jake said dismissively.
“Watch me,” Donna replied.
“You can’t do better than me,” Jake said. “Nobody can do better than me.”
Molly snorted. “Just because you think you’re better than everyone, doesn’t mean you are,” she said.
Jake glared at Molly. “You think you’re safe just because you got lucky once?” he said.
“Want to go again?” Molly asked.
Jake went red. “No,” he said. “I’m busy with your friend.”
Molly stepped up to Jake. She got up close to his face. “Listen to me and listen good,” she hissed, “if you don’t leave Donna alone, I will make your life a living hell.”
Jake paled and rushed off.