A Story On Arrogance: Part 5

by bdhesse

“Hey, Donna,” Jake said mockingly. “Where’s your body guard.”
“Go away, Jake,” Donna replied. It was only lunch time and Jake was already back to harassing her.
“First tell me where Molly is,” Jake said.
“Why?” Donna asked.
“I wanna know,” Jake whined.
“You want to know if she’ll be here anytime soon so you know if you can harass me,” Donna said calmly.
“Shut up,” Jake said. “You think you’re so much smarter than everybody, don’t you?”
Donna shook her head. “I think you’re thinking about yourself,” she said.
“What do you know?” Jake said. He stormed away.
“What did he want now?” Molly asked as she came up behind Donna.
Donna shrugged. “To know if he could get away with bullying me when you weren’t here,” she said.
Molly rolled her eyes. “Figures,” she said. “You seemed to handle it well, though.”
Donna smiled. “It wasn’t hard,” she said. “He’s still mad that I did better than him, though.”
“I told you: he’s arrogant,” Molly replied. “He thinks he’s better than everyone, and he always assumes fowl play when he’s proven wrong.”