Visiting Family

by bdhesse

I have been visiting family since Wednesday. Today was my cousins birthday. He turned 8. So far I have been shot with nerf guns, I’ve been harassed about having babies (I’m not even married yet, guys), and I’ve been asked multiple times if I’m “done my story yet” (never!).
It has been nice to visit my family. I only tend to get the chance to see them once a year. I spend more time with my partner’s family because we live close to them. My family is a 9 hour drive away. Because we spend more time with his family, I tend to be the obvious introvert. We’re both introverts, but it’s his family, so it doesn’t tend to show. But his introverted nature has been showing while we’re here. More than a few times, he’s disappeared. I understand his feelings, and my family is full of many loud people, but it’s hard to split my time between him and my family when he wanders off.
But tomorrow we’ll have most of the day alone. One of my cousins will be racing in a dirt bike competition, and most of my family will be there. My partner and I have opted to go to the beach instead. I think some alone time is in order. We’ll have more time for my family later.
Though I’ve had little time for writing and only slightly more time for reading since I arrived here. I doubt I’ll be able to catch up on my reading and writing tomorrow. That’ll probably have to wait until I get home.