A Story On Arrogance: Part 6

by bdhesse

“Ms. Ivy! Molly’s cheating,” Jake whined as he clasped his side.
“Quit whining Jake,” Ms. Ivy said. “I was watching the whole time. She hit you fair and square.”
“Did not,” Jake cried. “She was aiming for my head.”
“Jake!” Ms. Ivy cried. “Will you quit lying? You’re out. Now come sit beside Donna.”
“It’s not fair,” Jake grumbled as he stomped towards the bench.
“You know,” Donna said as Jake slumped down on the bench, “just because you whine a lot doesn’t make you right.”
“Shut up, fatty,” Jake replied.
“Jake, Donna, be nice,” Ms. Ivy said.
Jake stuck his tongue out at Donna. Donna smirked at him.
“Okay kids,” Ms. Ivy said. “Molly won this round. Let’s start again.”
“Can’t we play a different game?” Jake asked.
“I thought you said you liked dodge ball,” Molly replied mockingly.
“Not when someone keeps cheating,” Jake shot back.
“Molly, be nice,” Ms. Ivy scolded. “Jake, quite being a poor sport.”
Jake scowled and stomped out into the middle of the gym.
Molly and Donna rolled their eyes and smiled.