A Story on Arrogance: Part 7

by bdhesse

“Hi, Mr. Jameson,” Molly said. It was her first time over at Donna’s house.
“Well hello there,” Donna’s father said. “You must be Molly.”
Molly nodded.
Donna grinned. “Come on,” she said to Molly, “let’s go play on the trampoline.”
“Okay,” Molly agreed.
“Supper will be ready in about half an hour,” Donna’s father called after the girls.
Donna and Molly ran out the back door and through the yard. Molly beat Donna to the trampoline.
“Wanna play crack the egg?” Molly asked.
“How do you play?” Donna replied.
Molly thought for a moment. “Well, one person sits on the trampoline and they hold their feet,” she explained. “The other person jumps on the trampoline and tries to make the person let go to their feet. Once the person lets go, it’s the next persons turn.”
“Okay,” Donna said. “I’ll go first.” She sat down on the trampoline, folded her legs, and grabbed her feet. “Ready,” she said.
Molly began jumping up and down. It didn’t take her very long to get Donna to let go.
“My turn,” Molly cried. She dropped down into a cross-legged position and grabbed her feet. “Let’s go!” she yelled.
Donna giggled and began bouncing.
“Come on,” Molly cried. “You can do better than this.”
“I don’t want to get too close,” Donna replied.
“But that’s half the fun,” Molly said.
“What if I hurt you?” Donna asked.
Molly shrugged. “You can’t hurt me too bad,” she replied.
“Okay,” Donna said. She began jumping more vigorously. After a while, Donna finally got Molly to crack. She collapsed to the trampoline, panting. “That was a lot of work,” she said finally.
Molly giggled.
“Girls!” Donna’s dad called. “Supper!”
The girls climbed off the trampoline and ran back to the house.