Do I have to Fall in Love?

by bdhesse

“Do you have a boyfriend yet?” she asks me.
I shake my head as I blush.
“Why not?” she asks.
“I dunno,” I reply.
“Well don’t you want one?” she asks.
I shake my head.
“Why not?” she asks again.
I shrug.
“Are you a lesbian?” she asks conspiritorially.
I shrug again.
“What do you mean you don’t know?” she asks. “How can you not know?”
“I just don’t,” I reply.
“But you must,” she says. “Everybody else does.”
“Do they?” I ask.
She nods knowingly. “I’ve known since I was 7,” she says.
I shrug. “But I don’t really care,” I say.
“How can you not care?” she asks. “How will you fall in love if you don’t know?”
“I’m not sure I want to fall in love,” I say.
She scoffs. “Everyone wants to fall in love,” she says.
I don’t want to talk about this anymore. “I’m going to be late,” I say as I walk away.