Musings on The Humans

by bdhesse

Sam watched the two humans as they slept. The bigger one whistled loudly out of its nose. The small one snuggled closer to the bigger one as if in responce to its whistling.
Sam turned back to the small lumps near the end of the bed.
One of them moved. Sam struck quickly.
“Gotcha,” he thought proudly.
As he celebrated, the smaller human yowled loudly.
The bigger human twitched and made human noises at the smaller. The smaller one responded. It turned over and went back to sleep. The bigger one followed.
Sam watched the odd behaviour. These humans were strange. So stupid, so clumsy, yet so capable. They can’t hunt, yet they somehow manage not to starve. They produce food as if by magic.He wished he could know how they managed such tasks, but they are completely incapable of civilized conversation.
Sam shrugged and went back to watching the lumps. Niether was moving. No fun.