Nothing But a Sexy Lamp

by bdhesse

“You should smile more,” a man says as I hurry to the bus stop.
I look down and keep walking.
When I arrive at the stop, there is a middle-aged woman alrady waiting. She looks me up and down and sniffs. “How can you expect any man to respect you if you walk around dressed like that?” she asks.
“I’m not really all that interested in men,” I reply.
She moves away from me quickly.
The bus arrived mercifully quickly. As I clime aboard, I notice the driver watching me carefully. I hand him my ticket and walk pat quickly.
The bus starts moving, but the driver keeps looking at me in the mirror. I cross my arms over my chest and look out the window.
“You’d look better with some make-up on,” I hear as I’m looking out the window.
I turn to see a young man looking at me.
“It would cover up those blemishes,” he continues.
I turn away quickly.
The middle-aged woman walks passed me as she goes to the exit. “No respect for her own body,” I hear her mutter.
“Ignore that old hag,” the young man says when he sees my face. “You lokks beautiful. In fact, if you smile at me, I may even consider taking you out some time.”
“No thank you,” I reply as politely as I can.
“Oh come on,” he says, “I’m a nice guy.”
“I can’t,” I say a bit more forcefully. “I’m too busy.”
“Too busy to have a little fun?” he asks. “You know, all work and no play will give you wrinkles. You don’t want wrinkles do you?”
Time to change my tactic. “I have a boyfriend,” I say.
“Oh,” he says. “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”
Why wasn’t “no” good enough I think as I turn away again.
I’m finally at my stop. I run into the studio a few minutes late.
“Ah, there you are.” my teacher says. “What role were you planning on trying out for this year?”
“Can I just be the sexy lamp?” I ask.
My teacher looks at me with shock and confusion. A few of the other girls snicker.