Who Is Right Anyway?

by bdhesse

“They deserve it,” she says. “They started it.”
“That makes sense,” I reply. “How does their starting it justify our killing them?”
We’re watching a news broadcast. The reporter is talking in front of footage of people, bodies really, being dragged out of rubble.
“They shouldn’t be supporting terrorists,” she says.
I point to a small body being shown on the screen. “He can’t even vote,” I say. “How did he support the terrorists?”
She sniffs. “His parents do,” she says. “Besides, we need to stop the terrorists. We’re in the right here.”
“I bet his family thinks the same thing,” I reply. “We just destroyed their home, their family. I bet, to them, we’re the terrorists who need to be stopped.”
She stands up. “Why do you hate your country?” she demands.
“I don’t hate my country,” I reply. “But I certainly don’t love the decisions being made by its leaders.”
“Would it be better if we had done nothing?” she scoffs.
“What if we had done nothing?” I ask. “What would have happened if we hadn’t retaliated.”
“Those terrorists would have gotten away with taking innocent lives,” she cries.
“It’s not the terrorists being punished here,” I say. “It never is. They are getting away with it. Besides, who’ll be brought back after the terrorists are punished?”
She glares at me.
I continue. I can’t help it. “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” I say. “Killng more innocent people doesn’t become okay because they killed innocent people first.”
“Show some respect,” she screams. She stomps off as I turn back to the news TV.
Maybe I should check out that festival. It’s coming to town next week, and those rides look fun.