The Tale from Under the Desk

by bdhesse

Cindy was confident that the human couldn’t see her: it was dark under the desk and she fit nicely into the shadows. She chuckled to herself as she watched the human’s legs swing back and forth.
Just a bit longer, she thought. Then I’ll strike.
The human stood up and walked away from the desk.
Damn. Cindy thought, annoyed. I’ve been under here long enough. She left her hiding spot and followed the human.
“I’ll get you later,” she cried as her foe departed.
The human stopped and turned. It looked down at Cindy and made it’s human noises at her.
Cindy snorted. “Human, how long have I lived with you?” she asked it. “When will you learn to speak civilized?”
The human made more noises at her, then it bent over and picked her up.
“No!” she cried. “Bad human! Put me down!”
The human began rubbing Cindy as it continued walking.
“Okay, fine,” Cindy said. “You can rub me for a bit. But then you put me down.”
Cindy couldn’t help it, she began to purr.