Don’t Ignore Me

by bdhesse

“Will you quite ignoring me? I’m bored!” Wilber swiped at the human’s hand as he spoke.
The human said nothing, but picked Wilber up and put him back on the floor.
“Hey!” Wilber cried in protest.
The human turned back to the screen and began typing again.
We’ll see about that, Wilber thought as he walked under the computer desk.
He lay down on the floor and watched the human’s feet.
One of the human’s feet kept bouncing up and down. The human turned to the side once, and it scratched one of its legs with its foot.
Soon, Wilber thought. He had been watching for a while now. I’m sure it’s almost forgotten.
He moved to the side slowly and wiggled into a better position. When he thought he was in the best position possible, he pounced.
He landed squarely on the human’s foot, claws out.
The human jumped out of its seat, growling loudly.
Wilber walked away, tail high, smiling.