What Does It Mean to be Successful

by bdhesse

When people talk about successful writers, they usually mention Stephen King and J.K. Rowling. The authors that everybody knows. The ones that have gotten movie deals and have made million. And they usually refer to the people who keep getting rejection letters and can’t seem to get published when they mention unsuccessful writers.
But there are so many writers in between. So what does it mean to be a successful writer? Is a successful writer one who gets published? Or do you have to be able to make a living off of your writing to be considered successful.
What about someone who just loves writing? Are they successful even if they never make a dime? What about someone who hates writin, but used to love it? SOmeone who lost their interest in it but keeps writing because it pays the bills? Are they successful or unsuccessful?
When I hear about successful writers, it all seems so arbitrary. We talk about the people who got lucky, but must of us will never experience Stephen King level luck. Most writers write because they love it. Isn’t that enough to make one successful? Even those that can’t seem to get published?